RTRMAX Power Tools - These toys aren't for playing with.

RTRMAX Power Tools - Tools for the Professional

RTRMAX Power Tools - These toys aren't for playing with.

RTRMAX, based in Turkey, is a power tool manufacturer with over 33 years’ experience in supplying quality tools to the professional contractor.  They have established a trusted name in more than 40 countries spanning 4 continents, and have been the recipient of a number of awards for their high quality products.

Regarding their cordless power tool range, RTRMAX has adopted the “one battery powers them all” philosophy. Their 18V X-Lion battery couples smaller cell size with advanced technology to minimise cell discharge.  This means that regardless of whether you're using your cordless power drill or jigsaw, it will always be ready to go even after remaining idle for an extended period of time.  And its perfect weight distribution is not going to tire you out quickly either.  That’s just the power tool you need!

The UK power tool range that RTRMAX has is worth shouting about too.  Many of them incorporating brushless motor technology, reducing friction and so extending the life of the power tool.  Type in RTRMAX in our search bar and note the extensive range at your disposal.  The drills include cordless impact drills, impact wrenches, pneumatic drills and more.  You’ll find a fantastic range here which will cover the vast majority of your requirements.

What about the price though? These power tools are competitively priced for the contractor or tradesman who wants excellent performance so that the job is done right the first time.  As of the summer of 2021 Amble Electrical have taken on this range of tools and are proud to offer an 11 piece cordless power tool kit for only £479.00 + VAT.  As one customer put it, “It’s all the tools I need.”.  Click the links below to view more...