This high quality LED panel is a retrofit replacement for the 600 x 600 lay in fluorescent panel providing excellent light distribution as well as energy savings.  However where the  LED panel excels is in its unified glare index.  This index provides an indication of the reflection/glare produced by a light source. The LED-LUX-MOD panels boasts a UGR<16 @ 4H*8H which equates to less than 1000cd/m2 for 65-90 degree.  Hence this LED panel is perfect for commercial environments such as offices, stores, schools, hospitals and many other applications.

  • Inherent modular design: Each pair of light modules fit all European ceiling grids.
  • Less inventory and risk meaning faster time to projects roll out.
  • Glare free: UGR<16, luminance limits @65°<1000cd/m, EN 12464-1: 2011 compliant
  • High efficacy: Up to 126lm/W
  • More useful light: over 90% useful lumen in cone 90° (zonal lumen)
  • Dimming, Non-diming, DALI and 1-10V dimming
  • Class II, SELV, High Power Factor over 0.95
  • Non-flicker design
  • Aluminium passive cooling, TcLED<61°C (Ta=25°C)
  • Installation: Recessed/Pendant mounted
  • Direct replacement for T8- 3x18W/4X18W; T5- 3x14W/4X14W
  • Up to 65% energy saving, 3 times longer lifespan compared to fluorescent lamps.

LED Panel Low Glare 595x595mm 28W 3600lm Low Glare 3000K

  • Product Code: LED-LUX-MOD3K66
  • Availability: Project Quotation Item Only