The QUADSAW is a square drill bit attachment that allows the making of a perfect electrical back box hole in under 30 seconds. It comes with 6 interchangeable saw blades and the blade change between a single and double electrical back box size takes a matter of seconds. Included in this price is a sturdy carry case.

As the video shows this electric box cutter will in plasterboard make a UK single or double back box hole (75 x 75mm and 135 x 75mm respectively) in less than 30 seconds. How do you maintain a level cut? This square hole cutter attachment has a built in spirit level as well as an inner pilot drill bit that stabilises the overall cut..

The maximum depth of the plasterboard wall that the QUADSAW can be used with is 35mm. And it can be used on Sound-bloc, Habito, Fire-board and more.

To be able to use this electrical socket cutter you need a mains or battery powered drill with a universal 13mm chuck. Your drill's no load speed should be between 2000-2500 RPM.

The clean and accurate cut of the QUADSAW square drill bit attachment means that you can reduce a 5 minute job to a matter of seconds. No more uneven pad saws cuts and the making good associated with it. Make that electrical back box hole right first time and every time with the QUADSAW square drill bit.

Does it Really Work in Real Life?

Mike Perkins, a qualified electrician with 40 years experience set set a challenge to knock-out 60 back box holes in a day. Will he do it? See the result in the video blog 60 Back Box Challenge.

QUADSAW Socket Box Cutter

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